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  1. Hello, I have a Fire TV 2 that I'm using FLIRC with. I've programmed all the buttons and everything is working great, except for the button that I assign Home to. It just doesn't work. I've tried assigning different remote buttons to Home and none work. I even tried assigning a button that is working for a different function to Home and it doesn't work. I have a Fire TV (original) also with FLIRC on it. I tried that FLIRC on the Fire TV 2.0 and the Home button doesn't work either. The Home button on the remote that came with the Fire TV 2 does work. I also tried taking the FLIRC for the Fire TV 2 and plugged it into my original Fire TV and the Home button does work. I'm wondering if Amazon setup a different code or something on the Fire TV 2 for the home button. Would you be able to help me with this? Thank you!
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