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  1. The development firmware has been disabled. Download 1.0.5 from main page.
  2. I have exactly the same problem. Some days it works, then it suddenly stops working completely. This is actually the case with both USB sticks I own (one an older one, the other only a few days old). I cannot re-program the keys either because after installing 1.0.5 Windows gives me two error messages about a bootldr and USB BlueTooth? driver. One of my Flirc USB sticks is recognised by the software (connected) but the other one is not. The one that is recognised cannot be programmed because keys are already defined even though I cleared the configuration successfully several times. Programming has become a complete hit and miss affair. I also uninstalled the software and have reinstalled, all to no avail. PS. I managed to get one of my FLIRCs working again by using the OSX version of the software (1.0.5) and that ran flawlessly.
  3. I am sorry but what sort of answer is that? I am running into HUGE difficulties with the new software on a Windows 7 64 bit computer. Windows reports drivers not installed, but I need to define the keys again because the saved config files no longer work. When I try to define keys it keeps on telling me the keys have already been assigned, EVEN THOUGH I cleared the whole thing first. It is a massive mess and I am stuck. If the software won't install the drivers how on earth do I ever get a functional flirc? If you are not recording keys then why do I need the flirt software in the first place? I am very confused and quite upset because now I no longer have a functioning system.
  4. The keyboard arrows would do fine. Surely this can't be too difficult to program?
  5. I realise this Chris, but I was hoping I could use the keyboard cursor keys for this purpose.
  6. Like many others I use Flirc very successfully to control XBMC on my Mac Mini. However, I also sometimes want to control the Mini itself and for that I need to be able to move the cursor about the screen. Is there any way to make Flirc do this?
  7. Digitalboy0 this discussion was started in a media keys thread and transferred here by Chris. In the earlier discussion I did explain that I used the Automator first, but I found that the shortcut key would not work in all applications even though it was listed as a service!
  8. I think I may have cracked it. Just to be clear, I am using a 2012 Mac Mini with Lion preinstalled as an XBMC media streamer linked to an AV receiver (and projector) with a Harmony 900 RF-IR remote control and Flirc in one of the Mini's USB ports. I bought Flirc because I had problems with both the standard Harmony Plex setup and later RemoteBuddy in that the first was unable to wake the Mini. Remote Buddy could do it but not as consistently as I would like. Flirc will wake up the Mini, even if I sometimes have to repeat the key press (I tend to use the enter key). This is what I did. I set up the Harmony using one of the two recommended remotes (Panasonic TC-P65VT30 or Samsung LN46C650L1F) and made sure all keys were occupied (doesn't mater with what but make a note of it for later use). I also defined a soft key for "Sleep" and assigned a random command to it I used AppleScript Editor to create two scripts: the first will put the Mini to sleep: do shell script "pmset sleepnow" the second starts XBMC: application "XBMC" activate In order to link these scripts to shortcut keys I had to use an external app and I chose FastScripts (free with a max of 10 shortcuts) to which I linked these two scripts (Ctrl+Sm Ctrl+X). Using the Flirc.app I associated Ctrl+s and Ctrl+x with the relevant buttons on the Harmony. In the Harmony activity I had also set things up in such a way that every time I switch away from using the Mini the "Sleep" button is activated. That did it. I can now call up XBMC from the Mini desktop and when I switch away from using the Mini it will be put in sleep mode (fortunately, the Harmony will also use this script when switching everything off in my home theatre). All this would have been superfluous I think if the flirc.app had had a Mac keyboard with the eject key so I could have used Opt+Cmd+Eject for sleep and I would not have had to mess around with scripts and external apps. On the positive side, I have learned a little bit about using AppleScripts (I am a novice Apple user). PS. The scripts MUST be moved to ~\Users\username\library\scripts
  9. I tried the script 'solution', but can only implement it as a service, which means it is unavailable when XBMC is running. In addition I am looking for a way that allows me to start XBMC using a button on the remote. Any suggestions would be more than welcome (putting a MAC to sleep is actually why I bought Flirc, thinking it could do this "out of the box". I am still stumped why Flirc does not offer MAC users a Mac keyboard. After all, isn't that what Flirc is all about?
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