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  1. It's currently in a USB 2.0 port, but I've tried it in every port that I have (2 - 2.0 ports and 2 - 3.0 ports) and it exhibits that same behavior. Also, when programming the GUI crashes whenever I attempt to delete a mapping. My keyboard and/or mouse works in each of the other ports.
  2. The Flirc is randomly disconnecting from my system, a short while later it will reconnect and work as expected. I've tried reflashing. I'm running Windows 7 x64, GUI v1.0.0-rc.4 and Firmware 1.1.0-rc.2. Any thoughts?
  3. The remote that came with the SageTV HD100 does not work properly. I've got over 10 distinct hashes for a single key and counting.
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