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  1. dropping flirc, this lack of response is really deceiving -_-
  2. Shall we, OpenElec users, forget about using flirc?
  3. OK, I just downloaded and installed v1.08. I have attached a working configuration file (flirc_config_working.fcfg) Dongle firmware is v1.0 (attached) This is what I did to 'break it': reboot > still working power-off and power on > still working Let openelec show the screen saver > broken reboot to test > still broken I have also attached the not-working configuration file (flirc_config_not_working.fcfg). It took me less than 40min to break it. flirc_config_not_working.fcfg flirc_config_working.fcfg fw_1.0.bin
  4. Hi All, Although I've been a long time user, this is actually my first post, which is proof my flirc has worked very well for a long time :-) So my issue is that from time to time, the flirc loses the configuration on shutdown/startup so I have to unplug it, go to my windows machine (I'm using it in an OpenElec media center), re-program it and plug it back to my media center. This issue has happened more and more frequently lately, up to the point in which it barely lasts a couple of reboots. Is it possible flirc has died? How could I check?
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