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  1. Keep your eye on the version, while it's upgrading, it should change to bootloader, and read 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, or 2.1. Let me know which one it is. But it only gets stuck after pressing a remote button? Is flirc inside a cabinet?
  2. Head to the GUI, and hit force firmware upgrade again. When it's upgrading, can you tell me the firmware version that is shown at the bottom? The bootloader has a different version. When the key's get stuck, is it after you pressed something, or does it do it on it's own?
  3. Please keep me posted. It's not entirely impossible that it was me, but I can say with confidence that the amount of flircs I've sold, this has never been a problem. I wrote all the software included in the GUI except libusb, which is open source. There isn't anything malicious in there. The only thing I can think of is if the mouse/keyboard accidentally got the flirc driver. Again, keep me posted, happy to do a team viewer session to work this out.
  4. I have a couple bugs to fix, but I'll make the firmware update detection automatic
  5. In the GUI, go to file->advanced. Then do force firmware upgrade. Try again after you're on the latest.
  6. Ah, I didn't realize you were using windows. So does the GUI say flirc is detected? When you hit go, does it say, 'press a key to pair with 'x''?
  7. That runs the application as root. How are you launching the GUI?
  8. It's in the following directory: /Applications/Flirc.app/Contents/Resources/ just do: cp /Applications/Flirc.app/Contents/Resources/libusb-1.0.* /usr/local/lib/
  9. It's sensitive, anywhere that the light can bounce. Mine is behind my computer, behind my TV, never misses a press. http://flirc.tv/downloads You can pair it on everything: windows, linux, mac. I've fixed all the issues so it should work on all versions of windows and the mac (excluding PPC). Any distro on linux is supported, and the rasperry pi supports the commandline interface and xbmc plugin.
  10. Anything with a USB port, Amazon Fire TV, xbox 360, playstation, computers, raspberry pi's, etc. Just do the pairing on a supported operating system and you can plug it into anyone of those with no additional software needed. It will work with your previously paired remote.
  11. Force upgrade your firmware in the advanced. That should do it. If not, in advanced, disable built-in profiles.
  12. this was just done by someone who wanted better integration on amazon. I have an action item to add this to the GUI. You can use the commandline app: flirc_util record_api 0 101
  13. For sleep: 1. Go to the advanced tab 2. Enable sleep detect 3. record the wake button showed on the keyboard view You can also try: 1. Record the wake/suspend key in the media center controller view For the Repeat issue, try: 1. Go to advanced 2. Change the interkey delay to 3 Let me know if those work.
  14. Send me an email, it's easier for me to keep track of the issue. support@flirc.tv
  15. Yes, just make sure built in profiles is enabled, and you can use your harmony without any change in flirc. Let me know if that helps. If there are any keys that need changing, you can map over them. Do you remember which keys were causing noise? Sincerely, Jason
  16. if it has usb, it should work. (it has usb, it'll work)
  17. the only duplicate I see is the 'i'. I can't remove that just yet until I get home. Why did you enable the XBMC profile, and record keys? Basically, the xbmc profile on the flirc is matched with the one in harmony one such that you need no additional pairing. Have you tried disabling built in profiles in advanced?
  18. Post your configuration here, I'll go through it for you.
  19. fire up the commandline and show all the keys: flirc_util settings Any duplicate keys, remove as suspected noise: flirc_util delete_index 'index number' Where index number is the number shown in flirc_util settings next to the key.
  20. manually add the file? I pushed an updated gui, the firmware is embedded in the GUI. Go to file->advanced. Hit force firmware upgrade. That should get you on the latest. Also, the commandline utility has some tools to help identify noise. flirc_util settings that will print out all the keys, any duplicates are sources of noise. I'll bring this to the GUI eventually.
  21. Just a heads up, I pushed an update that should hopefully address it. Firmware version 2.4 adds some code that would prevent a possibility of endless key presses or stuck keys. Please try it and let me know. Morriscode is currently testing the image.
  22. 1. In the advanced configuration, enable sleep detect. 2. Record the wake key in the keyboard controller view 3. (optional) In the latest release, there are media center keys, try recording the suspend/wake key
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