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  1. Post your configs. Let me take a look.
  2. there is something special from your system. No restrictions, and the device open just fails with no reason. Either bit defender, firewall, etc blocking access. Zilch.
  3. Beautiful! Thanks for letting me know so quickly.
  4. Thanks for all the info and so sorry for my delay. The records from the remote look great. "my_flirc_log.txt" One issue is the interkey delay between packets. It's currently 107ms. It should be 70ms, this would certainly cause an issue. I believe it's because the buttons were not being held down while you are recording. It uses two packets and if it doesn't see the second packet, it defaults to 107. This is the time between packets. I also see two play/pause buttons being recorded. https://flirc.io/config/ One is probably not supposed to be there and is probably recorded noise, which is causing issues. I've also disabled all the built in profiles other than the one you are using (kodi), to avoid presses from noise. The noise is environmentally driven. If it's by a window, a plasma screen, an android device with an IR camera, etc. Regarding sleep, any button matched in the table will wake up the device. If you want it to just be a 'single' button, record the 'wake' button in the app, this will ensure only one button can wake up the machine. Try the attached and let me know if it's better. Remember to do something about the play/pause duplication. my_flirc_config.fcfg
  5. I try to make a release every two weeks.
  6. @Daniel okay here is another you can try: @BRSorber try this as well. Please send us logs if it doesn't work. Windows version
  7. it's by design at the moment, we had a text field input but it was terribly buggy.
  8. Once you are done with the wizard, click on the activity, and you can edit any button, and drag any button for any device to our device.
  9. I don't see any problem, I believe this is your receiver doing the limitation. Do you have the original remote?
  10. I have only ever used apple TVs at home. I've never had an issue. No buttons work? Are you sure you are mapping them correctly on the remote? I'm not aware of any setting since IR is enabled on the remote to do HDMI CEC volume control. Can you post your configs?
  11. jason

    Learning Mode?

    I'll have it added. I think the monitor is rate limiting it, there is no way the remote can do it. So what I did was altered the code. TLDR Version: NEC codes send a repeat pulse. I removed the repeat pulse and increased the time between packets. So rather than the monitor thinking you are holding the button, it thinks you are pressing the button multiple times while holding it down. Long Version: I put the pronto code in IR Scrutinizer: The second pulse at the end in NEC codes is a 'repeat' pulse. To save power, rather than turning on the LED for the entire code again, they do that small 'bloop' at the end. This says to the device, 'repeat what you last got' as long as it's within a 40ms. This small two pulse signal will continue while you hold the button down, and the remote never sends the original longer packet until you press the button again. So I converted this into raw timings in ir scrutinizer: You can see the second frame on the end [+8967,-2235,+552,-96111][] This is a positive pulse of 9 ms, negative pulse of 2.2ms, positive of 0.500ms, and a negative of 96ms. The 96 ms is the time between this pulse, and what will become the next repeat pulse. I removed this and increased the last negative number on the list so it was much greater than 50ms. Remember, the last number says, what is the time between 'packets'. By increasing this enough, we can trick the device into thinking you are lifting up the button and pressing it again. So here is the result Note, the last negative number is now -140ms. And back to pronto:
  12. I have been asked for previous versions of the old plastic version of filrc. I do not support this product anymore, use at your own risk, and I will not be responsible if it is bricked. If the upgrade fails, restart the GUI, it should restore the latest firmware. I can dig up previous versions, but it's going to take me some time, please explain what went wrong and why. v3.12.00 Fix for bad descriptor v3.11.0 adding firetv harmony codes adding sheild harmony codes shield pro updates and support v3.9.0 ability to determine sku v3.8.0 Updating built in mappings for logitech v3.7.0 fix for windows media center (enable sequence modifiers) adding ability to do browser home v3.6.0 updating firmware updated built in harmony xbmc profile up arrow down arrow zoom+ small step back toggle full screen red, green, yellow, blue power off streacom 'power' key will now work if computer is on, not just off fix for built in profiles that caused wrong keys to be sent changing default interkey delay for new algorithm interkey delay settings improved protection of read only memory in rom adding built in support for harmony firetv profile flirc_gen1_v3.6.0.bin flirc_gen1_v3.7.0.bin flirc_gen1_v3.8.0.bin flirc_gen1_v3.9.0.bin flirc_gen1_v3.11.00.bin flirc_gen1_v3.12.00.bin
  13. jason

    Learning Mode?

    Try using this as Volume Down: 0000 006D 0022 0000 0155 00AA 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 14C8 This as Volume Up: 0000 006D 0022 0000 0155 00AA 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0015 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 0040 0015 14C8
  14. jason

    Learning Mode?

    That wont do anything unfortunately. I have an idea. Let me try altering the pronto code.
  15. I'm really sorry for the initial problems you had. I will try and make the process better. I'm a bit confused how you went about fixing it. Did you ever have a previous version installed prior? Sometimes, the early beta's can cause an issue like this. I often recommending doing an uninstall before the new beta. So all you did was instal the early version over and then do an upgrade? Again, sorry about this. But glad and relieved it's working.
  16. I'm sorry you are having trouble. We are working hard. Two versions to try: http://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/pr/998/SkipApp- or ttps://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/beta/0.9.71/SkipApp-0.9.71-Beta-x64.msix?token=skipAppUpdate Can you please let me know the results of each? Posting any log files as described earlier would be of great help.
  17. Windows has moved to a new software package called msix. For windows 10, you need to install their supporting software : https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/msix-packaging-tool/9N5LW3JBCXKF?hl=en-in&gl=in
  18. This is not the same problem. Deleting and responding in your other thread
  19. Where is the other forum for the Apple TV? Can you post your config?
  20. This is a normal app, it took 2 years. I can’t write one “another” overnight. Did you try the last version? http://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/pr/998/SkipApp-
  21. Seems everyone else in this thread has died. getting closer. Silly question. When was the last reboot?
  22. The profiles you are adding on skip are already on flirc. You don’t actually need to learn/pair them. You are overwriting them. The one plugged into your PC, go to advanced settings. And disable all the built in profiles except kodi. For the one in the shield. Plug into the pc and go to advanced. Disable all the built in profiles except the shield
  23. @Daniel Another to try: Download Link
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