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  1. understood, thanks for the feedback.
  2. I hear you. I don't have time to check right now, but this is on my list. But just turn of the TV, appletv detects this via HDMI and turns itself off. If not, by default after a few minutes of inactivity it goes to sleep anyways.
  3. Tug the springs. It’s not the battery or the software. Take pics before and after. I can’t reproduce this. May be it’s temperature related. Focus on the positive terminals.
  4. Can you tell me what you did? I really would love to know what kind of feedback to give to the factory. Maybe a pic if it's not too much trouble. Thank you.
  5. Please try the following real quick: Ringtune Windows or Ringtune for Mac Make sure the skipapp is closed, and open this, see if you can control the ring on the remote.
  6. I’m guessing that the wrong device was being used for navigation. You might have added the Samsung which was controlling apple via CEC and that is not reliable. I’m skeptic the battery method did anything of value. Believe this was a coincidence. Battery presence has no effect on configuration continuity. Everything is CRCd so configs can not be invalid on the device or they won’t work.
  7. The batteries are not contacting correctly. Make sure the springs are okay. Specifically the top. I’ve been inspecting and testing all of them and can’t seem to reproduce it. Someone stuck tinfoil I between and another pulled in the terminals.
  8. In the skip app software there should be: manufacturer: flirc device: kodi This includes a profile that is pre paired with Flirc so no Flirc setup needed. I’m probably missing a few items in my built in profiles.
  9. We’re going to make it much more useful. You’ll able to look through and test any signal easily. It’ll come after the learning update.
  10. That's kinda how it works. Codes are bucket into groups or models and usually the codes we have work for the device but aren't on the provided remote. But we are working hard on finishing up learning, and after that we'll have some updates that'll make managing codes easier.
  11. Yes. You need to add the manufacturer: flirc device: shield profile to the skip activity.
  12. They both don’t work? Something else is wrong. you shouldn’t need an otg adapter. Just a USB micro cable.
  13. Sorry, I was out sick. I don't see it in the USB tree. Did you see it when you had it hooked up to the other port 4? Unless the chord you are using is a power only chord, I think something is wrong with the unit. You can try exchanging it with Amazon, let me know if you have problems.
  14. Try Denon - DHT-S517 which is in the database. Should be the same.
  15. If you update the App, it’s built in now. If it’s not showing because you had a much older version, make sure you go through the wizard again (but this is likely not to be the case. @scozz13 just look through the button list in the activity, assign the unpair button to a button and send that to your appletv.
  16. Most likely it is not for the box. But there are TIVO profiles in skip app you can try
  17. This is the correct link: https://flirc.tv/pages/contact It's on the footer of the page. Can I ask where the link is you found? I'll make sure it's corrected. But I'm the only one here, so you'll just be sending your message to another inbox I have to get to. If you don't hear the normal 'usb detected' sound windows does, it doesn't sound like it's working. Everything is tested before being shipped, so that's troubling. One last thing we can try, https://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbtreeview_e.html If you download that, plug it in, you can export a report and send that to me. I'll take a look and we can go from there.
  18. Which link did you click? You are connecting to the flirc firetv female side? Do you see that windows detects the device?
  19. Nevermind, I think I got it. Try the attached.LOXJIE Amp - A30.json
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