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  1. Do you have steam installed?
  2. Thank you for the update. Learning is just about done and I’ll post a release candidate today or tomorrow. However, what I have posted is very stable. I’m going to work on smart activity switching the second it’s released. Thank you again
  3. Yes, I did update it. Are you trying this: curl apt.flirc.tv/install.sh | sudo bash
  4. Oops, I had an error. Updated.
  5. This doesn't look right. But looking at the manual you linked, which button is it in the following image?
  6. @D.J. As requested, creating a public forum for others and tracking issues. Converted from: https://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/codes/parasound/p-ld1100/ Parasound - P-LD1100.json
  7. No problem, I made a few updates that significantly helped with battery life and will do another within about a week.
  8. What firmware version were you on? You can grab that if you open the GUI, it should be saved there in remote manager. If you take out batteries and hook up to the computer, is it seen?
  9. My misunderstanding, I thought the entire time you were using a Skip remote. Yes, all those special buttons are F1-F4 and can be remapped. Although, mine were not correct in the app. The ones in the Interface were chosen by the creator of Channels, I can always reach out to see about updating/adding more. But for now, just use the full keyboard for anything missing. I don't see any issues with the 2 digit. Can you open up Flirc USB. Go to File->Advanced. Enable IR Debugging. Press and hold that key for me. Copy and paste that here. Also send me your saved configuration.
  10. You can use flirc USB to map keyboard shortcuts to control this app: https://shortcutworld.com/Media-Player-Classic/win/Media-Player-Classic-(MPC)_Shortcuts
  11. Make sure you format the Flirc USB. The commands are built in. If you use the FLIRC USB software to pair buttons, you’ll overwrite the built in mapping. By default, they are F1-F4. Yes, they can be mapped in channels. Version 2 should work with the skip flawlessly, if you have a button with multiple presses, please let me know so I can look into it
  12. I've pushed an update to the Flirc GUI which includes new firmware. You can also load this into the skip, and it should work without any pairing once you add this profile to the skip. I don't see a stop button: https://getchannels.com/docs/apps/remote-control/keyboard/ What is there, should be sufficient. Flirc-Channels.json
  13. Almost done. Finishing and testing.
  14. Plug it in your firetv. Add in the skip1s manufacturer Flirc, device firetv done make sure add debugging is off
  15. You can try learning with that version, it's fairly close to release. I'll probably have 1 or 2 more as things get refined. If that doesn't work, you can send me the codes.
  16. Thank you. This was helpful. I think I understand what's going on. Give me about a week to work this out, do some tests, scope some signals, and I'll likely have an update soon. But I'm certain I understand now. @furyflirc Tell me a bit about what you were doing when this happened. Was it sitting for a while and you pressed a button only to find it didn't work? Did it seem to fix itself after 30 seconds? Were you using it and it randomly stopped? Any chance you know the last button pressed? Regardless, I have a suspicion of what it is. I have thrown the remote, hammered all the buttons, sat on it. I can't reproduce it. However, I threw it in my bag, and when I pulled it out when I got home, it was stuck. I saved it by powering it externally, brought it to work, measured the power, and see that the processor is not in sleep. So it's not stuck asleep. It seems like it's stuck in a loop. Something called a watchdog timer should crash it after 5 seconds when it's stuck, and it's not. So it must be when that feature is disabled, and that's only in a couple spots. Stay tuned, and thanks for all the logs. Although they don't point to this, they point 'around' this.
  17. Thanks, very much appreciate the information. I did push an update v0.9.957 with new firmware that catches another issue like this. Please try it and repeat the process if it happens again.
  18. Use a Panasonic or Samsung profile on the inteset. Whichever is not in your room so it won’t conflict.
  19. What you are actually doing is pairing remote control buttons with keyboard keys. So inside the windows media center controller are the keyboard shortcuts specifically for windows media center. If you are using KODI those have different keyboard shortcuts and you should use that controller. If you want both, you need to add them both to the harmony. Does that make sense?
  20. 1. Play/Pause/OK - I tried erasing and reconfiguring these Harmony buttons using the Flirc UI, but every time they get mapped to Play. Can you clarify what you mean when you say they get mapped to play? Are you in the Controllers->Kodi or Controllers->WMC?
  21. We found a lot of issues bugs and edge cases. We were much farther than I anticipated. This next update. is where I thought this version would be. But we probably have 2 more until we are ready for this to roll into beta. The things that we are focused on is making sure that recording is reliable. I really don't want users to walk through, sync, only to find a bunch of buttons not working. So once we are confident in the recording, feedback, and stability, we will focus on re-editing and testing direct from the wizard. Locking thread, please test and follow up here: Thanks for all the patience and feedback.
  22. Shot in the dark. Go to Settings, Accessibility. Enable Advanced Admin Panel. Click on the wrench in the top right corner that is now there. Go to brands, and add this. Let me know if it works. Peachtree - INova.json
  23. Yes, I'm really sorry. I found a bug in the remote that can cause battery drain and I'm going to push an update shortly. Give me a couple more days.
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