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Yes, I've been super swamped with black friday and cyber monday. Super swamped. We have an update that should allow you to do this. I'll try and push this in the next day or so. 

all credit to @yawor, who whipped up all the code to allow a plugin style architecture.

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You can display all programmed keys using a command line tool. It's been installed together with the GUI. It's called flirc_util. What OS are you using?

Regarding the numpad, I'll try to prepare a "plugin" version of it over the weekend.

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Please download the attached zip file and unpack it in one of the following directories, depending on your OS. If the path doesn't exist, you need to create missing directories.

  • Windows: C:/Users/<your user name>/AppData/Local/Flirc/keyboards
  • OS X: /Users/<your user name>/Library/Preferences/Flirc/keyboards
  • Linux: /home/<your user name>/.config/Flirc/keyboards

These are standard paths. If you've customised your OS by changing your home directory location, they may be different.

After unpacking the file, restart the Flirc GUI. You should see a Numeric keypad in the Controllers menu.


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Hi Can you please re-post the numbering pad with enter button code that was posted on Dec 18 2017 which works with latest version. I tried to follow the steps given above but the numeric keypad did not appear. I want to use the enter button to configure for my FireTv as some actions are programmed to work only with number pad enter button for a app I use.


Note: Resolved the issue. Was able to import the numeric keyboard on an Mac as it did not work on Windows for some reason.

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