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  1. It's been over a year when I reported this issue. Any chances to fix it in the next few years?
  2. Thanks. Now is much better:) But do you know that command flirc_util.exe delete_index ** still doesn't work? Even in 3.5.2 version. It doesn't delete programmed key.
  3. I finally downloaded the new version but still there's no Full Keyboard with numeric keypad :( And lack of viewing all programmed keys is so awkward. I wonder why it's not implemented? It's so obvious functionality in program like Flirc.
  4. Should I look for the new version here: https://flirc.tv/downloads or in another place?
  5. Is it possible to assign keys from numeric keypad? In full keyboard there's no numeric keypad at all. And second thing, how to list in software every programmed shortcuts (i.e. for editing).
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