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  1. In my 20 years of computing, false positive to virus ratio is 99.999% to 1.
  2. What's the general recommendation when it comes to keeping up to date? I programmed and made a profile for Panasonic TV remote and it works fine. When opening the app today it said there's new version of the app available, is it just bug fixes when programming the buttons, or is there other benefits? I understand that it's usually best to always use the latest version for things, but sometimes there is also a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" aspect as well.
  3. Thanks for this yawor. I haven't used FLIRC much yet.. but so far it's been great and this numpad thing was the only downside (so far). I ended up getting around it with the command line, but this GUI plugin makes it so much simpler and easier to change on the fly. I haven't got it plugged in on this PC, but opening the app, it found the plugin right away and I assume will work fine.
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