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How to add additional power on/off to activity

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Hey, folks! I've got my Skip 1S and running SkipApp 0.9.2 on MacOS.

Two questions and an edit: with a "Streaming" activity involving a Sony projector, an AppleTV, and a Denon A/V receiver, the resulting summary offers to turn on the projector and the AppleTV ... but not the A/V receiver. I can't seem to intuitively find where to add it to the startup sequence.

Side question: is the expected action on the 1S to push the activity button (in my case, "A") and then the main power on/off button on the 1S in order to turn everything in the activity on (and later, off)?

The nitpicky edit: "Does everything looks okay?" on this screen has an extra 's' in it. :) Thanks for some nice work on the hardware and software; I look forward to seeing the software, at least, evolve. 



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Great question and we are going to definitely start putting our hearts into documentation and videos.

Thea heart of the app is really the main screen and the flexibility of dragging and dropping anything to anywhere. Here is a video demonstrating how you can add more to the power on/off buttons. 

Power is the only button that has two alternating modes. But any button can become a macro and hold more than one function.

Another tip, the color button in the middle will light up the center keys. They then can act as alternate functions. Here is another video showing how you can turn on sleep, or pip when you activate the color wheel.

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