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So my flirc arrived in the mail today and I'm having an issue with it.  Repeated key response is unacceptably slow and if I push a button on my remote thrice in quick succession it skips 9-12 menu entries.  I've gone through a few dozen hopelessly outdated forum threads hoping to find a solution with no luck.  I've fiddled with the repeat settings and interkey delays with no appreciable difference.


If I abandon the flirc entirely and use the generic IR receiver I have everything works fine perfectly, unfortunately the number of keys I'm able to set with it are very limited due to the receiver not being RC6 compliant.


I'm using firmware 2.3 and have the "flirc xbmc" device added in the harmony software.  Any help would be much appreciated.



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Looks like the issue is this damned harmony.  For some reason it doesn't want to abide by the repeats=0 zero settings for either "flirc xbmc" or the panasonic tv device that has been suggested in other threads.  It works fine if I use the IR codes for my receiver or tv (for testing on my windows pc) but that obviously isn't an option in my living room as it will result in loads of conflicts.

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If I unbind the keys in the manner you're suggesting when I try to map the key in flirc nothing at all will happen, as pressing the button on the remote will not produce any output.  I use a harmony smart control, perhaps it's different from whichever harmony you have in mind.

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