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FW 2.3 reverted back to Firmware v-16.-1


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Previously I used Flirc v 1.2.2  which installed with FW v-16.-1 bottom left corner. when I tried force upgrade it said v 2.3 was available but crashed every time I tried to upgrade.  I redownloaded the exe and reinstalled, and it showed FW v2.3 bottom left corner.  Then today it has somehow reverted back to v-16.-1 and nothing works.  The dongle does not see remote clicks, and I cannot erase learned commands, so I redownloaded the exe and installed but no joy. It would be nice if I could just download the latest FW, but it seems to be either unavailable or too hard to find.  There must be some way to fix this, I really don't want to clear the config because It's almost there except for a couple of lagging keys, and I'm also worried that It won't work at all after clear command.   Oh, using Windows 8.1 with corei7 and buckets of DDR

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I am having the same issue as Nodeity. I tried using the ZADIG utility as suggested but there is no flirc device listed. It instead shows as bootldr.



I had to load the flirc software for the device to show up as flirc but now it shows 2 flirc devices (interface 0 & interface 1)




Update 2:

I just selected flirc (Interface 1) and reisntalled the driver. Reopened the Flirc software and cleared my configuration. Now it seems that I am able to program the buttons. Hopefully it will work now. 


Yep that did it! Works great now.

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