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  1. What important commands are you worried about? It has been working fine for me.
  2. I am using Flirc with my Harmony One for PLEX and I used the FLIRC:XBMC profile when setting up my device in the Harmony software. It seems to work pretty good.
  3. I am having the same issue as Nodeity. I tried using the ZADIG utility as suggested but there is no flirc device listed. It instead shows as bootldr. Update: I had to load the flirc software for the device to show up as flirc but now it shows 2 flirc devices (interface 0 & interface 1) Update 2: I just selected flirc (Interface 1) and reisntalled the driver. Reopened the Flirc software and cleared my configuration. Now it seems that I am able to program the buttons. Hopefully it will work now. Yep that did it! Works great now.
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