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Flirc not working on Pioneer Receiver


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To test if my Pioneer SC-LX73 works with a keyboard I tried a wired keyboard and wireless keyboard

It works with both

F4 is Vol+

F5 is Vol-

F6 is mute

...but it does not work with Flirc V1 or V2

HDMI CEC works from the Sony TV to Pioneer AVR, but the volume ramps very slow

I will be ordering the Skip 1s that would solve this, but untill then I would like a solution to easily control the Volume on the amp



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  • Stax changed the title to Flirc not working on Pioneer Receiver
On 8/19/2022 at 7:07 PM, Nathan said:

Just to cover the bases, have you plugged your flirc in to a PC or Mac and used the full keyboard layout to program in the F-keys? Once programmed, the Flirc v2 should just appear as a keyboard with f-keys to the receiver.

Yes this is excatly what I did. I used the full keyboard layout

then mapped the 

Vol+ on IR remote to F4 = Vol+

Vol- on IR remote to F5 = Vol-

but the AVR is not responding to the flirc

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