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NVDIA Shield 2019 + FLIRC receiver + Broadlink can't figure out ):


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On 8/15/2022 at 3:30 AM, amanmazleigh said:


I just received my FLIRC today and I really just couldn't figure out how to link up my Broadlink RM4 Pro to the FLIRC to control my NVDIA Shield 2019. Does anyone know how to do it and can guide me through?

Thank you in advance!

Could you give a bit more detail about what you're trying to do? I don't own a broadlink, but my understanding is that it's essentially a repeater for another remote. So you take some random remote, set the Flirc up to work with that remote, and then teach the the Broadlink the keys that you taught the Flirc.

Are you familiar with setting up the Flirc?

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