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Some buttons intermittently stop working on FLIRC 2?


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Hey all just looking for some tips.

I recently bought an Nvidia Shield Pro, which runs KODI and the usual apps.  I want to control everything with my Harmony One remote so I bought a FLIRC to make it happen.  I have programmed all the keys the way I want it to work. Now when I first start up the Shield it all seems to work OK for maybe 10 minutes to an hour, but at some point certain buttons stop working, usually it's the 'back' or 'enter' buttons but could be others.  The original Shield remote works OK.

After a few days of this I plugged in an older FLIRC I had running FW version 3 something, and everything works fine with that.  Leading me to conclude there must be an issue with the FLIRC 2 somewhere?  It has the latest FW installed.

Can anyone offer some suggestions to getting this sorted?


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As per the instructions on the FLIRC website. ( https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/universal-remote-controls/logitech-harmony-remote-controls/nvidia-shield-tv.html ) I had to map the back button on the Harmony to work the same as the back button on the Shield remote  (by default it was going to 'Home') and mapped one of the other buttons to 'Home'. 

Just to reiterate, everything is working fine with my FLIRC V1, using the same remote without changing anything.  It's just the new FLIRC V2 that is having the issue.  I can't figure out why it works for a little while and then stops working?


Not sure if it's a clue or not but I plugged the Flirc V2 back in and there seemed to be a much slower response lag between the time I pushed a button on the remote and when I got a response compared to the Flirc V1.  Not sure if that helps or not.



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