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Flirc on OS X with Apple Remote


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My Flirc just arrived today and it's a nightmare!

I'm trying to get it to work with my MacBook Pro Retina (OS X) and Harmony Ultimate remote. As soon as I plug the flirc in the cursor on my mac starts jumping around the screen. When I go into safari it starts typing random letters by itself. I rip out the flirc and Mac is ok again.

I plug the flirc back in, it appears a bit more stable, I launch the latest OSX 10.7+ Software and try and assign/programme basic setup buttons with the harmony remote. Flirc does not seem to receive any signal from the remote! and then the software start jumping around again! The lots of messages about buttons being taken.

What on earth is wrong with this flirc device?? Is it meant to work with MacBook Pro Retina and the harmony ultimate remote?? Am I doing something wrong?? I was hoping to use it with Plex on my Macbook, but did not make it past this first basic stage.

Can someone please help / advise? I would be so grateful.

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Something is definitely wrong, this shouldn't be happening. Are you using a USB hub?


Try loading the software, then do a file->clear configuration


From there, go to file->advanced, then do force firmware upgrade.


Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks for the quick response on this. Plugging the flirc straight into the macbook, no USB hub.

I cleared the configuration and the forced the firmware upgrade as per instructions... This has helped, It now seems to be stable, so no more cursor jumps or random typing.

But it the flirc / software still not picking up my button presses from harmony ultimate remote, so I still can't configure. I know the macbook retina has no IR, but was hoping the flirc would provide the IR??

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with the same software you used to force the firmware upgrade and clear your configuration, you must use that to pair remote buttons with keyboard keys. 


Most of the software you will use your remote with accepts keyboard keys as controls. Just figure out which ones you want to use to control the software, and pair those with your remote buttons. Check out the video on the front page of the website which shows the minimal controller view (up,down,left,right,etc)

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I think we're there! Whilst I was trying to pair, my harmony remote was on set on an activity... So the flirc GUI would not recognise any of my button presses. however, once i selected one of my individual remotes (tv for now), the GUI recognised the button presses from the remote. So it's working! I'll try and get it to work with plex now.

Thank you Jason for your help on this, very much appreciated!

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Wanted to ask you about this before I buy. It sounds like the setup I have in mind -- using an old Apple remote to control iTunes on a retina MacBook Pro -- should work fine, yes?


I do see reports of folks having trouble with configuring keyboard mappings in OS X. These instructions mean I can map _any_ key to the remote's buttons, including my "vol up" and "vol down" function keys and spacebar, yes?



If at a later date I wanted to reconfigure for PowerPoint/Keynote or something, I'd just reprogram the little buttons?



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