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Having issues trying to integrate remotes with Plex. Some buttons will work, but quite a few will not. Have tried various remotes. Buttons that just do not seem to work at all when programmed with flirc are FULLSCREEN, VOLUME UP and DOWN, STOP, PLAY. Programming using the XMBC keyboard. Tried the Windows Media Keyboard profile as well. Anything I could be doing wrong?

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Agreed. They've not been particularly helpful in the posts i've seen - which is a shame:


Random thread:



Thread I made on the plex forums:



As plex shares stuff with XBMC I tried looking in the application support on mac where the keymaps for XBMC would be usually but there was nothing :(


Not sure how to proceed.

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Frustrating to say  the least. What may assist is if you go to Settings-->Plex/Web-->General. At the bottom is a checkbox Enable Keyboard Shortcuts. There is a link to their available shortcuts. Think it's a good start.


All documentation online references a file called keyboard.xml but i can not find such a file on my PC. 

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Like XBMC there is no keymap there by default - if you want to change keyboard shortcuts then you can put a keyboard xml there. Problem is knowing what plex use.


Really wouldn't mind finding a github of default xml for the keymap.


I get confused when I look around Elan's github - found a kind of keyboard thing: https://github.com/elan/plex/blob/laika/keymapping.txt but I don't think that's what we're looking for

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I find.. and let me preface this by saying I don't currently have Flirc working because I am using a irreperater, that the best way I found to do most XMBC/Plex setup is to make the remote works as a WMC remote. Then mkae Plex and Xbmc work witha WMC remote(which there are lot's of examples and config files you can download)

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Plex Home Theater github keymapping (frodo):





Hopefully these can be added to the MyHarmony DB as Flirc/Plex similar to the current Flirc/XBMC device.


Is it any different than the current XBMC keymap? I just setup my Plex & Flirc combo on my Harmony One and I've not had any difficulty. Most buttons seem to work fine. The keymapping you linked to looks like it was pulled directly from XBMC. 

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