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  1. Is it any different than the current XBMC keymap? I just setup my Plex & Flirc combo on my Harmony One and I've not had any difficulty. Most buttons seem to work fine. The keymapping you linked to looks like it was pulled directly from XBMC.
  2. Jason - AWESOME customer support. I've installed your latest and was able to set everything up with the XBMC Harmony profile (I'm using Plex actually though). I was also able to program the wake button (where I got an error before). I enabled sleep detection and everything is working perfectly. Right now I have Plex suspend the PC after 15 min if no one has touched it. This works well enough, but has anyone found a way to have Harmony/Flirc issue a suspend command when I hit the Activities off button? Something similar to what I have now where when I start my Plex activity, I have it send the new Wake key. Thanks again! -Brian
  3. Looking forward to a fix for this. I'm trying to program flirc to wake my PC but this is holding me up. Thanks
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