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Beolink4 and FLIRC, does it work?


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Does FLIRC work with the beolink 4 remote form Bang & Olufsen?

The critical topic is, that beolink 4 works with 455kHz HF codes instead of 36-40 kHz most other remotes use.


Is there a device to adjust beolink 4 to consumer based frequencey?

Where can I buy it?


Thank you for your help.

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The receiver in flirc is tuned for 38khz, anything really far beyond or below that and it starts to have trouble.
455 is a proprietary frequency that beo uses to control their devices.
But the beo4 remote is capable of being a universal controller which can still control other standard consumer devices. So just like any other universal controller, you would need to add a `samsung` device.
There are people using this remote with flirc.
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I just registered to shed some light on this issue.


The Beo4 can't send other frequencies than the 455KHz.

The Beo5 and Beo6 have support for 3rd party IR, but this needs to be programmed into the remote using their Config Tool and it is usually only used to control Light controls or curtains and such. (although it is possible to change it to simulate a MCE or Apple remote, for instance. But this is not officially supported)


If you have a B&O TV, it is possible to simulate any of the remotes that B&O have decoded, by adding a PUC table to the TV and connecting an IR blaster from the TV to the FLIRC.

This is what I have done on my B&O TV together with my Raspberry Pi.


I use a PUC table from a standard remote, and then I put those commands into the LIRC config on my RPi. This works perfect :)


Just wanted to clarify the Beo4/5/6 things :)

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I should have read this before i ordered my Flirc.

I was going to use the Beolink 1000 og Beo4 remote :(

Any chance a firmware upgrade will make them work in the future? Maybe we already are in the futue from the last post made in 2013?

Do you mean Flirc firmware update? It's not a software issue. It requires a different receiver hardware.

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