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  1. I know that Beo5 and Beo6 are able to handle other kHz ranges respetively other consumer devices. But I doube that the Beo4 can do it, or at least I could not find out how. For every advice how to do it would be great.
  2. Hi Chris, sorry for my late response. You can find it eg at http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/beo4-ir-remote-receiver.4621/
  3. Does FLIRC work with the beolink 4 remote form Bang & Olufsen? The critical topic is, that beolink 4 works with 455kHz HF codes instead of 36-40 kHz most other remotes use. Is there a device to adjust beolink 4 to consumer based frequencey? Where can I buy it? Thank you for your help.
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