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Flirc uses up remote battery


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Just the raspberry Pi that the flirc USB is connected to. It doesn’t appear to be any false button presses or anything. In fact it was working fine last night and then got up this morning tried to use the remote to turn on the tv and it didn’t work, put in new batteries and it worked straight away. This has happened twice in the last 2 or 3 weeks 

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Are you learning the remote?

If you have your old batteries, can you do something.

Hook Flirc up to the PC, fire up my application, and  go to advanced, and enable IR debugging. 

Press and hold a button a couple times, the same one. Save the log. 

Clear the log, put the old batteries in, and do it again, save the log to a different file. Remember, when you are doing this, don’t hold the remote close to flirc, point it at the ceiling, simulate the distance of the actual setup. Let me take a look at the logs.

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