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Harmony Companion sends key_up signal to flirc when switch Samsung TV input


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when i switch the HDMI input via Logitech Harmony Companion, this sends 2x key_up to flirc. It is on every HDMI input. The Harmony and Flirc is set to Kodi control set.
Is there anything i can do to prevent this? TV is a Samsung UE65RU7179.
Before Flirc i had a WMC IR receiver, which never received any signal on TV input change.


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Moved this to the correct sub.

There is something wrong. Flirc isn't doing anything it wasn't told. So the question is, we need to see how your activity is set up in harmony. It's doing a command when you start the activity, and flirc in response, is sending a key. Let's see how your remote is setup to do the hdmi switch.

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thanks for moving the topic.
I attached the config window for the harmony TV setting. I uese HDMI 2, but same is on other inputs like HDMI 3.

When i only start an action with HDMI switch, the log has this result, if this helps:

Sa Jan 9 2021 23:51:19

Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3

Operating System: Windows








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