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FLIRC + Harmony + Ropieee XL Endpoint


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I have recently purchased FLIRC and having issues right out of the gate.  I have the software installed and the firmware updated.  

  • Pull FLIRC into PC
  • Controller: Media Keys
  • Attempted to Record Logitech Remote 
    • Play/Pause, Forward, Backward (Most time I get an error after the first record that the button has already been mapped)
    • Saved Configuration
  • Unplug FLIRC
  • Plug FLIRC into Ropieee XL Endpoint
    • Validated Ropieee shows up within settings
  • Add Roon Control Zone to Ropieee XL settings (copied from Roon)
  • Run Harmony App
    • Add new device
      • Entertainment
      • FLIRC / KODI
      • Save / Sync Settings
  • Run Roon
    • Settings / Extensions / Enabled
  • Attempt to use remote to Fast Forward Song
    • FAIL



Any help would be appreciated.




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There is a whole lot in here I don’t understand. 

flirc just translates remote buttons as keyboard keys. If a keyboard works, flirc will work. 

try a keyboard. If that doesn’t work, something is wrong. 

I don’t understand the need to setup flirc and then set it up again a second time ( the first manually recording and the second with harmony). What am I missing?

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Thank you for the reply Jason.


Are you familiar with Roon? I am trying to use my Harmony remote to pause, FF, and go back songs.  That's all. I am only setting up flirc once, recording "space bar, ctrl-K and ctrl-J.

I tried setting up the keyboard and was able to record ctrl-k but when I try ctrl-j and space bar I get this:



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I’m sorry, what is the ‘core’? Can you send me a direct message, and we can do a chat session so I can help you more in real time. I’m sure this is frustrating, and I’m sorry. It’s just me, and I can’t get anyone to the office to help me because of the pandemic, and I’m overloaded with a ton of bullshit work that eats most of my day.

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  • 10 months later...

In case anyone else runs into this problem, a solution to try is to use a zone name that doesn't contain spaces.  Right after renaming my zone in Roon from two words with a space in between to one word and then updating the name in Ropieee, I was able to use the media buttons (Play, stop, Next, Prev).  The commands started working without a reboot of Ropieee (of course I did eventually).  I think this is a matter for the Ropieee author and in the threads where I've seen people post about issues like ours I don't see anything about a solution or mention of the zone name format.

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