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How to record a minus?


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Hi ya'll!


Just got my Flirc and have already run in to a problem. I am recording commands with the "Full keyboard"-profile since I can get more commands that I actually want for Kodi than with the "Kodi"-profile. The issue I am having tough that the keyboard command for volume down in Kodi is "minus" and I don't know how to get one. When I hover with mouse pointer over the minusbutton in the GUI it says "dash" and Kodi doesn't lower the volume when that is recorded.


Any ideas?




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I'm going to make an addition to the GUI for this soon. But for now, anyone looking to do this can do it through the commandline.

flirc_util record -    or flirc_util.exe record -


flirc_util record + or flirc_util.exe record +

To see how to use the commandline, pull up the documentation.

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