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How do I make a Macro?


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So it's a bit crude, and I'm sorry for this.

So the first thing you do, is record the first key normally. For example, if I want to send a number of keyboard strokes with a single button press on my remote, like, 'up' 'up' 'enter'. This is what you do:

Open up my GUI, select the remote button you'd like to pair. Head to the keyboard controller, and record the up arrow.

The go to file->advanced. Change to macro recording. 

Go back to the Keyboard. Record up again on the same remote button. Then record enter again on the same remote button. Change the record mode back to normal (should you need to record more).

Now, when you hit this button on your remote, flirc will send up, up, and enter. 

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Thanks Jason. Ok, I got that thanks. It's not that crude really :) It worked ok to make a macro and now (of course) there are more things to get confused over.

First snag was that the keyboard didn't do what expected. I paired a Bluetooth keyboard to the TV and tested what each F key does and I expected just to choose the matching key on the Flirc setup to make it do what I wanted. But they were all doing different things when I did that, so I had to just go through each F key and see what it actually did when Flirc plugged into the TV. I found quite a few functions anyway so then I tried to make the macro I wanted and found problem 2.

That was that I need a pause command. What I'm trying to do is set up a key that would switch on and off HDR+ mode. (I know it's not useful for most stuff but it looks nice with computer animations and it needs about 20 keypresses to get there.) I found that I can make a macro that will select Picture Mode but then the TV seems to want a second or two to get ready and by that time the rest of the macro that would navigate to the required function has already run. I tried putting in 50 'Space' keys hoping that might force an artificial pause but it didn't work. 

I read a couple of forum posts and it looks like a 'Pause / Wait' function isn't available. Is that right? Maybe there's a different key that'll take me into the Picture menu, I'll look for that. Thanks for the help with the macro setup, do you have any suggestions about my other snags? Thanks.

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I managed to define a macro (see below) and the device (Fire TV Cube Gen 2) tries to execute it. But without interkey delays it doesn't seem to work. Any hints?


MacBook-Pro Resources % ./flirc_util settings


FW Version: v4.9.3

   SKU:     Flirc 2.0 [dori]

   Branch:  master

   Config:  release

   Hash:    0xCB185BDE



  sleep detection:  always enabled

  noise canceler:   always enabled

  inter-key delay:  N/A for current firmware

  variant:          Flirc

  builtin profiles: NA

  Memory Info:      NA

  product sku:      Flirc 2.0 [dori]


Recorded Keys:

Index  hash       IK   ID  key

-----  --------   ---  --  ------------

    0  87361FE4   085  01  enter

    1  6F3DFB80   082  01  up

    2  33D9B232   083  01  down

    3  F0541464   085  01  right

    4  2BB85DB2   084  01  left

    5  C9AC6932   081  04  browser_home

    6  376B7AE4   083  04  browser_back

    7  071C0432   082  01  ! 

    8  99708B64   083  02  play/pause

    9  510EE932   084  02  fast_forward

   10  14195D16   085  02  rewind

   11  5E0C4216   087  02  stop

   12  4F7DA664   085  02  next_track

   13  579EFAE4   083  02  prev_track

   14  B12584E4   083  03  suspend

   15  A6D5E832   082  01  F3

   16  5F2A88E4   085  04  browser_home

   17  5F2A88E4   000  01  down

   18  5F2A88E4   000  01  down

   19  5F2A88E4   000  01  down

   20  5F2A88E4   000  01  enter

   21  C9AC6932   000  04  browser_home

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Is it possible to launch a command line ?

My first guest was to try to replace your keyboard strokes mentioned , by Windows + R (only Windows will not allow to be recorded), then switch to macro record, 's', 'h", etc. For type shutdown -t 300 -s

Are you able to proceed on your side ? There is a better option in GUI ?

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