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Possible to use the Apple TV 4th gen siri remote with Flirc?

road hazard

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Thinking about ditching my Apple TVs and using Intel NUCs (or maybe a Raspberry Pi's) as playback devices for my Plex server. (Trying to use playback devices that support direct play of virtually ALL media) but after using FireTVs, Shield, generic Android boxes, Roku, Apple TV........ to me and my family, the Siri remote reigns supreme as the best remote ever. We love how long it can go on a full charge but more importantly, we like how we can scrub the video with that remote. Just click down, quickly scrub to where you want.....fine tune the scrub then click again to play.

As I look into migrating to new playback devices, we'd really really really like to keep using our Siri remote.

So would it ever be possible that the 4th gen Siri remote will work with Flirc?

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