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FLIRC SEND_IR_RAW Wont Transmit Anything


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version 3.22.4 [3.22.4]
 Firmware Detected
 Version: v4.6.3v4.6.3
    SKU:     Flirc 2.0 [dori]
    Branch:  master
    Config:  release
    Hash:    0x93A109D3


I have two FLIRC's, I am recording on one and transmitting on the other.


When I send this command,


flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw 0,9012,4424,592,491,588,491,592,1607,588,491,592,486,592,491,587,491,592,487,592,1607,588,1608,591,491,588,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592,1607,592,1607,591,487,591,1608,587,491,592,490,588,491,587,491,592,486,592,490,588,1607,592,491,587,1607,592,1607,592,1603,592,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592

Nothing shows up on the Record FLIRC. I even tried looking at the IR Debug Logs, there is absolutely nothing. 

We are evaluating the devices for a substantial order, Could anyone look into this?




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Hey mate.

I just tested your buffer and as it looks from here, everything's just fine.

If you didn't got any error while sending it, the transmit was successful.

Dont forget that the transmitter is only 2mm big, and as the devs said, it will transmit to max 6-8 feet.

Not sure what your distance, but try to get it closer.

p.s. you said that you have 2 of them? I hope they are on 2 different pcs.

Try to enable the device log with the Enable IR Debugging on the ONE that receives, and send the mentioned buffer from the other one. You will see if the transmit was successful.

Just an idea.

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