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  1. You can see the mapping by executing this "flirc_util.exe keys" You can delete the mapping by executing "flirc_util.exe delete"
  2. version 3.22.4 [3.22.4] Firmware Detected Version: v4.6.3v4.6.3 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Branch: master Config: release Hash: 0x93A109D3 I have two FLIRC's, I am recording on one and transmitting on the other. When I send this command, flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw 0,9012,4424,592,491,588,491,592,1607,588,491,592,486,592,491,587,491,592,487,592,1607,588,1608,591,491,588,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592,1607,592,1607,591,487,591,1608,587,491,592,490,588,491,587,491,592,486,592,490,588,1607,592,491,587,1607,592,1607,592,1603,592,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592 Nothing shows up on the Record FLIRC. I even tried looking at the IR Debug Logs, there is absolutely nothing. We are evaluating the devices for a substantial order, Could anyone look into this? Thanks!
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