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  1. Hellou everyone. Bought 2 Flirc devices newer generation and they are just sitting now and catching dust. The Flircs specs say 1 IR transmitter, 1 IR receiver. Is it possible to catch the ON/OFF codes from my AC remote and try to turn ON/OFF my AC with FLIRC? Can someone tell me if that for some kinda reason is not possible? p.s. not at home to try it out... but was devastated after searching for options to Smartify my old AC, and I remembered that I have 2 flirc devices :) Anyways, thanks to anyone who responds
  2. Is this forum dead? IS the product dead :D? Wasnt here for a while... wouldnt be suprised :(
  3. Brother, you understand that Flirc is not just an ordinary USB storage device :D https://flirc.tv/more/flirc-usb Go to the NEW HARDWARE FEATURES section in the middle of the website to check whats in it :)
  4. Hey there. Can you upgrade your flirc to the latest firmware? Why are you stuck on 3.9? Best regards
  5. Hey mate. Use the flirc_util tool to check whats bonded. flirc_util keys I would delete all the keys and rebind them again. But everytime you do that, after 1 bind, type flirc_utils keys to check whats going on. It sounds more like a faulty remote then a faulty Flirc. Good luck
  6. Hey mate. I just tested your buffer and as it looks from here, everything's just fine. If you didn't got any error while sending it, the transmit was successful. Dont forget that the transmitter is only 2mm big, and as the devs said, it will transmit to max 6-8 feet. Not sure what your distance, but try to get it closer. p.s. you said that you have 2 of them? I hope they are on 2 different pcs. Try to enable the device log with the Enable IR Debugging on the ONE that receives, and send the mentioned buffer from the other one. You will see if the transmit was successful. Just an idea.
  7. Hey there. Here you go mate: http://blog.flirc.tv/index.php/2017/08/06/sdk-release-linux-rpi-ir-transmit-support/ Near the bottom of the post ;)
  8. Hey there. If you look at this video, the comparison between 3 and 4, you can see the difference on the placed elements like USBs, network and so on. But the size and holes on the motherboard are looking the same. If you ask me. Good luck.
  9. Hey mate. First of all, you need to check which Flirc you have. Plastic or metal one? If you have the metal one, your wishes will come true :) This is the Blog post you will be intrested in: http://blog.flirc.tv/index.php/2017/08/06/sdk-release-linux-rpi-ir-transmit-support/ Great explained by Jason what you need to do to make it work ;) Best Regards
  10. Firmware Detected Version: v4.6.3v4.6.3 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [nemo] Branch: master Config: release Hash: 0x93A109D3 Hello everyone. As mentioned on all of the tutorials, I enabled the debuging, read my data from the remote of my AC, and got this code: 459,588,461,582,463,584,1550,577,464,583,460,588,463,584,459,588,459,584,463,584,459,583,464,584,1543,588,1550,582,459,610,1518,614,433,588,459,584,463,583,464,583 As you can see, it is smaller and it does not start with a 0. When I try to send it with send_ir_raw, this is the message I get: [E] util/flirc_util/src/ir_transmit.c send_ir_raw(76): buffer incorrect Does anyone know what the difference is or how the tool calculates the validity of the buffer? If the receiver receives the code, why cant he send it trough? Anyway, thank you all!
  11. Thank you man. Your guide helped me. its working now :) Thanks a lot!
  12. Hey mate, thank you for your response. I tried to load the good config from the other flirc but still not working. Keyboard layout is Croatian
  13. Hi there, Yesterday I received my two flirc receivers and rhe case. The case is awesome and 1 flirc works perfectly, but I am having troubles with the other one. After the firmware upgrade, when trying to code my remote to the volume down button, it just wonts. It recognizes the try, but he wont accept the button. Tried it on Mac, Windows and linux. Tried with 3 different remotes and everywhere theres the same problem. I am talking about the KODI controller. I even tried to bind it on the full keyboard controller and selected the "-" key and again, it just dont wants to work. The funny part is, on the kodi controller, when I bind my volume down key, after I press it, it recognizes it as the shutdown key... not sure why, but volume down = shutdown key. Always. thanks for the feedback Best Regards, Mario
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