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Harmony 650, Ubuntu, NUC


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Have just had to reinstall Ubuntu 16.04 on my NUC and now my Flirc has problems with controlling Kodi.

The major one is I now have no control using Play and Pause. The other seems to be in regards to speed of the actions.

They are way to fast and skip over say going from Videos to Movies they go to TV shows.Have redone the Play and Pause buttons on the Flirc software.

Have tried adjusting the speed in the advanced tag but this seems to have little effect. Have reinstalled the Flirc software. Reinstalled and purged the Flirc software.Tried an upgrade of Kodi from 16 to 17 but no difference.

Fiddled with the settings on my Harmony 650.

I have the earlier version of Flirc, could there be a problem with the latest firmware?


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Had a play with the keyboard settings but no difference.

Deleted the NUC and Flirc from Harmony.

The speed issue has gone and all controls apart from Play and Pause  now work.

As these are important I will keep trying to fix the issue.When I get a chance I will set it up on my PC with Kodi and see if there is a problem.

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Solved: had to be something very obvious that I was missing.

Keyboard>shortcuts>Sound and Media>Play(or play/pause) needed to be disabled. It wasn't.

Thanks for your help, hope this helps someone else.

It helped when I changed to the Gnome shell which is easier than Unity

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On 10/14/2018 at 2:30 PM, Geoff said:

Hooked up an IR  keyboard   but could not find any keys that worked with play/pause. The media keys worked for some such as stop but play/pause did not work.


Can you install the kodi keymapper addon, you'll be able to tell what key is for the play/pause. 

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