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Shield 2017 + Flirc + Harmony 650 Issues


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I'm cross-posting this from Reddit as I still haven't been able to figure this out.


I have an Nvidia Shield 2017 setup with Flirc and my Harmony 650 remote. After a bunch of messing around, I finally got the remote working exactly as expected in all the apps I use. However, there is one weird issue that I haven't been able to track down an answer to.

If my system is in an off state (tv off, receiver off and shield in sleep or on mode), and on my harmony remote I hit "Watch TV", everything starts up as expected. Only problem is, none of the buttons to control the shield will work immediately. Over the next couple of minutes, more and more buttons will start to work. First the arrow keys will work after a minute or so, a minute later the ok button will start working, etc etc. I haven't timed it exactly, but it could be up to 5 minutes before all the buttons are working as expected. Once it's on, everything works fine until I power off and try the 'watch tv' again.

In the meantime, if I hit "Watch TV" on the remote, the shield remote and controller will work fine despite the harmony not working yet. It's very strange.

Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions on where to look? I haven't provided exact details on exactly how I have everything configured, but can provide details if necessary. I originally had the Flirc key plugged into a USB hub that went into the shield, I've since moved it to plug directly in, but no change.

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What profile are you using on the harmony for usage with flirc?

What is the button in your harmony that is being used to send a signal to the flirc, which would otherwise wake up the shield? Are you sending a keypress, or sending a 'wake/suspend' key?

Also, can we rule out the remote?

Do you have another remote lying around you can pair to see if it exhibits the same behavior? (refrain from doing an action on the harmony which would send any button at all that flirc would see and use)

If you unplug the flirc, and plug it back in again, does the problem go away?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the long delay in reply.  New baby in the house, hard to find time to mess with things.  But, tonight was a night I could have a look at this again because it's now 5-10 minutes before the Shield will react to my harmony after a power on.

First, to answer some of jason's questions:

  • Using "FLIRC" manufacturer and "Kodi" device
  • Not sure by the question on what button is the harmony using to send a signal.  I hit the "Watch TV" activity button.  Looking at my activity list for "Watch TV", it actually doesn't show the shield in there, just my TV and Receiver.  But, it eventually does work after 5-10 minutes of "warming up"
  • I'll get to this below (ruling out remote)
  • Unplugging the FLIRC and plugging it back in when it exhibits the issue after power on does not change anything

Couple of new things I learned:

  • After the 5-10 "warm up" period is over and the remote fully works.  I can power off my system, and power it back up, and it works immediately.   Not sure how long the remote needs to be inactive before it starts exhibiting the 5-10 warm up period again, it's a touch thing to test.
  • I borrowed a harmony hub from a friend (remote/hub) and set it up in my system continuing to use the FLIRC->Kodi device assignment, and it works fine without issue.  So, to me, this rules out the FLIRC and points the finger completely at the Harmony 650 remote that I have.  This was a quick borrow, so I no longer have it to test anything else out unfortunately.

So, it seems to be my Harmony 650 remote control.  The remote has always worked fine in previous setups (using MCE USB dongle, Keyes IR GPIO for RaspberryPi, etc), and my TV and Receiver still react normally to the Harmony during this Shield "Warm up" period.  I'm at a loss here.

I know this has now stretched beyond the FLIRC dongle, so I understand that support will be limited on this forum now, but perhaps someone can look at the above, and may know a simple answer.

Thank you for any help.

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