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Flirc not doing anything on Kodi after programming


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Hi there,

I got a Flirc IR universal receiver I want to use with Kodi. I first plugged it in a Mac running Flirc's GUI, programmed a few basic buttons (directional arrows, back) from a disused IR remote control. Kodi runs from LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi 3.

When I plug the Flirc IR receiver into the Raspberry Pi 3, nothing happens as I press the buttons on the remote control. Rebooted, same absence of result.

What could be happening there?

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Yeah, no problem with USB keyboards, on any port BTW.

I read about the Pi3 sometimes not working when wired RJ45 cable is present, unplugged it, tested it, with the same result, i.e. no reaction.

The power supply is the one coming with the CanaKit version of RPi3, not a phone charger.


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While the Flirc unit has no trouble recording the codes from this remote (That's what the app says anyway), it doesn't seem to "play them back" as keyboard presses / macros for Kodi. Remote is Checkmate IV RT-U49C+.

When partially programming the unit with another, older VCR remote (partial because it doesn't have any Enter nor Back keys), the arrow keys do work.

Any idea why Flirc wouldn't play it nice with the Checkmate IV?


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We are all trying to use a programmable remote to do things mostly.  So where does one get the device to teach the universal programmable remote?  From our cable or direct tv or some other device.   All usually non-programmable.  So I teach my cable box to my flirc but it does not learn it all even with using multiple profiles.  Using Kodi profile adds some functions but not all.  EPG does not work, menu does not work.  Channel up and down.  etc.   So how does one fix this?


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@Bob Sutton my question was about that specific remote which @Cubytus asked about. 

I don't understand why do you need to teach your remote something. For example here's my usual approach with my universal remotes:

1. If this is a multi-device universal remote, select a device slot I want to use with Flirc.
2. Select some device like a Samsung TV (or other type of equipment; the idea is this has to be something you don't actually have in your home) and program it on the selected device slot.
3. With Flirc GUI test how many keys I'm able to record, if they are all unique, if they work on each key press and if the key repeat works. Not all hardware has need to use all keys on the remote so some keys may be inactive. If I'm not happy with that setup then I format Flirc and go back to point 2 and select different device.
4. After finding a device setup on the remote Flirc is happy with, I start programming each key on the remote with specific functions (for example in Kodi controller) or key combinations (in full keyboard controller - not all functions are predefined in the Kodi controller, but it's easy to find default keyboard controls on Kodi wiki pages).
5. Some functions in Kodi don't have a key combination assigned in the default keyboard control mappings. If you need to control such function directly with Flirc, you need to modify your Kodi keyboard mappings (search for keyboard.xml on Kodi wiki pages) and include added key combinations in your Flirc config using Flirc GUI.

This is a most generic instruction which should work with any universal remote. With Harmony remotes you also have predefined Flirc harmony profiles.

I'm using a setup for some Samsung TV model (uses NECx2 protocol) for few years now. I've used it with original Flirc (in clear plastic) and I'm using it with new Flirc gen2 (metal one).

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Sorry, I left out an important piece.  I am loading an app on FireTV to control it.  That app is Slingplayer for FireTV.  The app does have some shortcut keys but using a usb keyboard only some of them work and some are doing the wrong command action.  

I am working with Jason on this and Sling Media to resolve my app issues too.  I actually got Flirc to learn many things and piled on top of keyboard Jodi and Panasonic tv.  I have about 6 features that are not working.  The big ones for guide and the mostly.   

If you have any connection with slingmedia or know of app enhanced updates others have used that be awesome.

Thx for your help.

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