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Gen2 case gives shock


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there are posts inside the case that should touch the pi's pcb's. They should have exposed metal in this area, which is connected to ground, which would ground the case.

The pi community didn't do this, it's plays to their inexperience with hardware.

the USB connectors from the pi should also be touching the exposed metal on the inside of the case. Perhaps this is not happening. Try getting some sand paper and sanding down the inside of the case that touches the USB. Perhaps some of the metal's paint is blocking conduction.

You shocked the case, and that charge found it's way to a component, and the pi shut off due to either that component failing, or an over current protection. 

Most of the components are able to withstand ESD, however, it's not ideal if this happens a lot. Keep us posted.

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19 minutes ago, Gizmob said:

Figured it out.  Before I bought this case I did alot of research.  I found its good for overclocking. I apologize I did not even think that would cause that but it did.  I lowered the over voltage and it solved the problem.  Thank you for all your help.


Most likely a combination of all the above. 

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Not really. It's tough to say because the latest 3 uses so much power, that the supply needs to overdrive a bit because of the loss in the cable. So you could be better off with a much better cable. The one's from thepihut are good, I think they use the officially recommended version.

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I ordered the officil PSU so I hope that fixes everything.  Good news is no more shocks.  Bad news is now I get constant undervoltage warnings that I never got before.  I even started from scratch by formatting my SD card and doing a clean install.  I am hoping its all due to a bad PSU.  Do you know if the shock could have caused damage to the pi3.

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