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Inter-key delay removed?


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Using Mac v3.1.0 - firmware v4.2.2 - in Advanced, there is no inter-key delay?  Has it been removed?

Am getting key repeats with a Sky HD+ remote (usually the left/right buttons), various post say inter-key delay is the 'key' to resolve but it doesn't seem to exist anymore/in the Mac version?  Have tried wiping the configuration, reloading, remapping, still seems to be left/right directions.  Also tried 2 different Sky HD+ remotes.

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I am using Mac and also have the same problem.  Couldn't find the inter-key delay option under advance.

I am having trouble for my Harmony IR remote command to be recognized through FLIRC to my Shield TV 2017 standard version.  I tried pointing the remote a few inches from FLIRC and the command only occasionally got recongized.  Settings in Harmony remote had been changed from 0 to 6 and everything in between for the repeat command.  Also tried the inter key delay from 100ms, 200ms to 300ms.


GUI v3.10 and firmware 4.2.2

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