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Any way FLIRC target non frontmost window? (Mac)


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This isn't really a FLIRC question per se, but I keep a browser window on a 2nd screen on the Mac that is playing Youtube or other video content.

I want want to be able to send a space or arrow key to it to pause or rewind.  The trouble is, its not the active app, because I am working in another app in the main window.

So I have to move the mouse over to the other screen, click the window, then press the space bar to play/pause or arrow keys to skip.

I'd like to use FLIRC to be able to somehow target non frontmost windows on the second screen.

Other times, I might want to run Plex or Kodi on that second screen.  

So again, it would not be the front most window as I am, lets say, in the midst of writing on the main screen.

I am not sure what the best approach would be or if this even makes sense, because it's not like I want every spacebar I press in my main writing active window, to automatically pause Youtube or Plex....

Just thinking out loud...


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ugh, yes, I'm working on a cross platform application launcher, called App Pad. Similar to Apple's launch pad for every OS. I've hired a contractor to do it and he's gone missing for 3 months. apppad.io

It was supposed to have been completed. Really is the best solution to your problem as you can pair the 'launch' key to any remote key and then swap apps. The blog will have an official release announcement. 

Sorry it's not done yet. I wish I were proficient in electron.

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