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Kodi + Full Keyboard Controller+ Volume


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It's a fairly common misunderstanding of what the controllers are and how Flirc works. You don't need to stick to specific controller in the GUI. The controller you select is not stored anywhere in the Flirc itself. So you can have keys recorded from Full Keyboard one and then you can go to Media Keys like @jason said and record volume keys there.

BTW I've moved the thread to correct forum section and removed the duplicate.

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@yawor @jason Thank you for the reply. 

First, sorry for my poor english :)  and sorry for the duplicate, I didn't see the delete button of the topic.

So if I really undestand, I can switch between the controllers to find the apropriate function to the remote button.

BTW, I can't use the long press button functionality, is this normal ?

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Yes, you've understood it correctly. Flirc only saves the keys you're recording, nothing else.

By long press do you mean key repeat? So when you hold down the remote button, the function is being repeated? Or do you mean assigning a different function to the same remote's button when you hold it down longer?

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