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  1. @yawor @jason Thank you for the reply. First, sorry for my poor english :) and sorry for the duplicate, I didn't see the delete button of the topic. So if I really undestand, I can switch between the controllers to find the apropriate function to the remote button. BTW, I can't use the long press button functionality, is this normal ?
  2. Hi all, For some reason, I use the full keyboard controller to program my remote controller and I want to control the volume of kodi. Which character should I map to my remote controller button to be able to increase and decrease the volume in Kodi ? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi all, I want to use my Apple TV Remote Gen 2 to control Kodi in my raspberry pi. How to program my flirc usb v2 to be able to control volume(Up/Down), make Play/pause and contextual menu using this apple TV remote ? Thank you in advanced
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