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Basic Concept on Defaults


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I would like to know how do one gets the default key profile loaded lets say for harmony kodi for example?

In the Download section i cannot find sample .cfgs ?

Its says somewhere that it gets delivered with mce as default

configuration, but as i got mine it doesn´t seem to be that way (flirc 2nd gen).

Anyway i would like to understand the concept on this topic instead

of learn all the keys by myself which i did.

Thanks for all clarification


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The built-in profiles are, as a name suggest, built into the firmware. In the latest version you are able to enable or disable each of the built-in profiles individually in the Advanced settings in Flirc GUI. To use them, you just add a Flirc/Kodi profile on your Harmony remote using MyHarmony software.

You may have some issues with built-in profiles though, related to the keyboard layout. The built-in profiles are only compatible with US QWERTY or compatible keyboard layouts. If you use different keyboard layout then the built-in profiles may be messed up.

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Selecting profiles in the advanced section is very new since it appeared only recently.

Excuse me to maybe being more detailed but i want to understand fully the concept and
iam sure a lot of other users, too.

So that means if i select a profile under the advanced section flirc clears the configuration and loads a
keyboard defintion for example matching the kodi layout. OK but what does it to the keys not defined in the
kodi layout of flirc?

Kodi has some keyboard macros to control lets say full screen in the pvr part (Key H) which
is not part of flircs kodi defintion. So thats why i have chosen the Microsoft Keyboard Controller to
learn that key to flirc.

The Flirc definition inside logitech harmony is a super feature. Only thing here is that
it is missing most of the keyboard keys for example H, I, J, K and so on which are in use by kodi
or can be used. Learning 50 keys was simply to much....

So thats why i avoided the flirc definition here as well and only learned the power off command from








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As I've mentioned in my previous post, built-in means built-in. To be more precise, the definitions are built into the firmware itself and don't need to be present in the configuration section to work. By switching checkboxes in the Advanced settings you only change a flag in the Flirc that tells the firmware whether to use that specific built-in table or not.

So by changing these settings nothing is being erased from your own configuration. If you have your own keys recorded in the Flirc then you won't loose them.

The logic works (more or less) like this:
1. Flirc receives the IR signal and pre-processes and coverts it to a hash value.
2. Then Flirc tries to match the hash value to buttons recorded by the user.
3. If user's recorded buttons don't match the hash value, Flirc then goes through enabled built-in profiles and tries to match the hash in them.

This means three things. First, you don't need to record the keys that are in the built-in profiles for them to work. Second, you are always able to overwrite the built-in definitions by re-recording the buttons that already have built-in function and assign your own function. Third, you can record additional keys besides the ones in the built-in profiles and add missing keys.

As for the keys missing in the Kodi profile, it's something @jason would need to add to the firmware and ask Logitech to update profiles available in MyHarmony to support new keys. But given that the Flirc is fully programmable, you are able to add missing keys on your own by recording them in the Flirc software.

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@yawor is correct. There are a list of tables built into flirc. They don't ever get deleted. If you disable them, they get passed over when searching for a stored command. You can record 'over' them basically by re-assigning these keys into the user area. If the key exists in the user area, it uses this over the built in table.

Yes, I need to work with logitech to add stuff. They are pretty good if something is missing or needs correcting.

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