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Unwanted auto-start of PC via Flirc


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I have a small problem with Flirc on my HTPC with Win10. I use remote control for SAT receiver also for controlling Kodi on HTPC via Flirc. But when HTPC is turned off and I use remote control for SAT - HTPC starts suddenly with pressing of some button on remote control. When I unplug Flirc from USB - it is okey. So it means something is wrong in HTPC/Win10. Please does anyone know where should be a problem and how this issue can be solved?

Thanks for your replies!


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Flirc will wake your PC when a signal is received which is known to the Flirc, unless the Sleep/Wake button is also recorded. So if you haven't recorded the Sleep/Wake button, then any remote key you've recorded in Flirc GUI will wake your PC. When you record the Sleep/Wake button, then only that button will be able to trigger the wake up.

Also it's not really recommended to use the same remote control for multiple devices, unless it's an universal remote (or has such functionality) and you actually use different profiles programmed on the remote to control different devices.

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It seems Windows may not be respecting your BIOS settings. Which Flirc do you have?

Old one (plastic): Go to Advanced settings in Flirc GUI and disable sleep detection. This should disable wake up support in Flirc.

New one (metal): Go to Device Manager in Windows and find section with keyboards. If you have multiple keyboards connected then you need to somehow find out which one is Flirc (for example by unplugging temporarily other keyboards). Then open properties of the keyboard device and on power management tab uncheck checkbox right next to something like "allow this device to wake the computer". This can also be applied to old Flirc.

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