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  1. I have the silver one. I have tried it but without success :-( It still wake up :-(
  2. This I know, but one week ago, everything was ok. Suddenly it does this :-( I have disabled this settings in BIOS and it still starts via Flirc.
  3. Hello, I have a small problem with Flirc on my HTPC with Win10. I use remote control for SAT receiver also for controlling Kodi on HTPC via Flirc. But when HTPC is turned off and I use remote control for SAT - HTPC starts suddenly with pressing of some button on remote control. When I unplug Flirc from USB - it is okey. So it means something is wrong in HTPC/Win10. Please does anyone know where should be a problem and how this issue can be solved? Thanks for your replies! Martin
  4. Hi guys, I have exactely the same problem on my HTPC with Win10 - I just bought Flirc and it is great but I have configured VOL + and VOL - for Kodi layout to my remote control from Amiko Alien 2 SAT receiver and when I press the buttons it does not work right - VOL + does not work and VOL - is VOL + :D but rest of keys works great! :) what should I do? I tried to configure it many times but result is always the same. Thank you! Martin
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