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Just got new Flirc, have a quick question :)


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Hi All,

The courier just dropped off my new Flirc USB (the new style I believe) it's the one with the black end. 

I already have plugged it into my PC and updated the firmware, which was no problem,  I haven't tested the IR yet.

So it seems OK but sounds like something is loose inside the cap. Is this normal?

Thanks can't wait to build my media pc and try it :)



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Looked at it again this morning,

It's the male end that plugs into the usb port that is wiggling... Is this normal or should I return it?

Maybe site admin can advise whether this is just play in the IR casing or if I should return it.


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I have two new Flircs and they don't wiggle in any way so it seems there's something wrong with yours if it does that.

The packaging for new Flirc is not sealed in any way. At least I also got mine not sealed, but I've got them directly from @jason.

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