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Advanced settings completely disabled/not selectable?


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After some very unsuccessful attempts to set up the FLIRC with an Shield TV (for Plex in 4k), I found the information about the "Advanced Settings."  Unfortunately, these settings are completely unchangeable (OS X Sierra, latest version).  The window appears and I can click absolutely nothing. I've rebooted and done just about everything I can think of to actually get the checkboxes or the dropdown to function. They do not.  They don't appear to be registering any clicks at all.

Help? Or is it time to give up?

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hey, no reason to give up yet, haven't started to help. A few things. The new version doesn't have any advanced features. Most of these settings are adaptive. What is the issue you are seeing?

Also, please make sure you use my latest GUI, we're on v2.2.2 right now. As long as you did your shield pairing with this, the basic keys will work. Plex might be another story. At any rate, let's figure out what's wrong first.

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I am having a similar problem. I just receive my FLIRC and installed it. the installation as far as I know went ok. In trying to use the the Advanced menu it pops up when selected but nothing on it is highlighted and therefor none of the  items on the menu can be selected. As information I amusing V2.2.2 and firmware V40. Also in the about menu it shows the same version with a note "based on qt4.8.0. anyway we can fix this. thanks.

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Please read what Jason is saying. I've also posted this multiple times already. Advanced options are not available for new Flirc USB because they are not needed. It's not an error that they are greyed out when new Flirc USB is connected.

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I say this as politely as possible, and I do recognize that the question is answered... but:

1. When your product box includes no instructions or even a web link to download the software, something is wrong.
2. When the software AND website offer no indication that the new version has any feature differences, something is wrong.
3. When the new version of product exhibits the exact same issues as a previous version and has no fixes EVEN THOUGH THE PREVIOUS VERSION DOES, something is wrong.
4. When the company responds that the new algorithm "definitely needs some tweaks", something is wrong.

The advanced options are not available because they "aren't needed?"  Do you want me to upload video of my Flirc V2 PROGRAMMING ITSELF with random noise while wrapped in electrical tape, under a sweatshirt, and attached to a 6 ft USB cable?  Geezus H....

If you want people to stop asking the question, then maybe, just maybe, update your damned website or the application itself to give people some clue of what's going on.

I've obtained a Flirc v1 and, OMG, using the advanced settings, I can mostly make it work!  Wow.


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Agree with BLite.

I came here trying to find out why the advanced menus are greyed out and it took finding this post in a forum.

I think the best option is to have the software display a message or change the "Advanced Menu" based on the model/firmware of FLIRC installed.  Currently, it's unclear as to why things are greyed out.  And the FAQ regarding firmware updates still shows using the "Advanced Menu".

Overall, documentation for this device is poor.  It takes a lot of hunting and reading through forum posts to get a clear understanding of how to set this up for various situations.

I think it's a great device but we need better documentation.

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