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Can't get Logitech Harmony to both sleep AND wake HTPC


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Setting up this wake/sleep thing has gotten me rather confused!

I am running Kodi on Windows 7 64 and using a Logitech Harmony 650 remote.

I couldn't seem to get the Harmony to make the computer sleep using Flirc and Windows alone.  I used AutoHotKey to get this to work... setup the Harmony power off command to send Ctrl+F12 through Flirc which is the keyboard shortcut for the AHK sleep script.  This worked well but wouldn't wake the computer.  My Logitech wireless USB keyboard will wake the PC with any key or using the touchpad though.

So I got the remote to wake by changing the mapping in Flirc of the Logitech power off command to the "WAKE" button of the onscreen keyboard.  This wakes the computer from sleep, but does not work to make it sleep.  I was going to try and make the wake signal that Flirc outputs activate AHK but I thought that signal is probably only output while sleeping .... "Now, whenever that previously paired button 'wake' has been pressed, a special wake up command will be sent to your machine only when your computer is sleeping."


So I thought rather than having the Harmony setup for "I press the same button for on and off", I could change it to use 2 different buttons using the 2 different methods above.  But, then Harmony asks me to teach the Power On signal from my Kodi remote, which of course doesn't exist.  I am not sure this is the best solution though because I would like the PC to automatically sleep when not in use (ie when changing activities), but it looks like this only works with "I press the same button for on and off"....



By the way, the first thing I tried was following the instructions at the start of this thread:  http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/1997-flirc-harmony-kodi-and-suspend/

That also worked for sleep but not waking.  Is that all that  was meant to happen?

Does Kodi even need to be involved with sleeping?  Can't Harmonly and Flirc just work directly with Windows?

Or is that guide just for OpenElec?  I installed WinSCP but couldn't get in, so after just copying the remote.xml file with explorer, wondered what the need for WinSCP was in the first first place??

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Well that was simple!  Thanks Jason :-)

I had a quick look through the other GUI layouts but missed that button.  I figured the WAKE button on the full keyboard layout might be the only one that Flirc actually listened for anyway, to wake the PC, after finding that mapping my Harmony Power Off to Ctrl+F12 wouldn't wake (although Ctrl+F12 on the actual keyboard did wake it).

Can't believe I didn't come across this simple solution anywhere else amongst the many posts on this subject!  Most of the other methods are far more complicated.

Hopefully someone else finds this useful now.

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I am trying to get the same thing working. Logitech 650, Windows 10, GUI V2.2.2, and the newer aluminum chassis Flirc.

I tried mapping the full keyboard wake and media center wake/suspend keys to the 1 and 2 buttons of the Logitech 650 just for testing purposes (so that hitting the power on and power off buttons don't turn of the TV).

Neither of the functions appear to work. I hope I can get this figured out, as this is the primary reason I bought the Flirc. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

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