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Flirc not recording keys and actions


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Hello Community!

I'm new to Flirc, but getting pretty forward with it. Is pretty simple, but buggy...

So, my setup is: 2x Raspberry Pi 3 with Kodi, 2x Flirc, Samsung TV, Sharp TV, Pioneer 721 Amp, All For One URC 6440, URC Smart Control, Logitech Harmony 550 + bunch of original remotes. Thats info just to know what i was using.

So, installed flirc software on my Laptop, started forceFW update with success to 3.8 on both Flircs. Configured my URC to supportmy Samsung and Sharp LCD Tv, configured also different action to control Kodi with LG codes, since Samsung already there.

Started flirc software, switched to kodi view, pressed key 1 in software, 1 on my URC. Recording done. Pressed 1 to check, 1 lighted up in green. All fine so far.

The problem started on volume up and after. Key was recorded, but pressing it produced nothing. Not in flirc, nor in Kodi. Okay, i thougt getting to next button until i got to channel up. Recorded it, fine.. Pressed to check... Volume up lighted in green... Wtf?

I thought thats the bug on my remote or code i choosed. Changing remotes or codes gave me nosuccess. All the same.

After almost 5 hours and few force updates i got it working. Deleted by mistake configuration and cant get it working at all.

I was thinking about that devices are broken, but 2 at the same time, almost impossible. It looks more the firmware or the software is bugged as hell, or the communication between both...

Is there some known solution or workaround to get thru this and get it working?


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So, i was testing more and more, and might found a trouble with some keys, or why it might not work.

Since i'm in Germany and using German keyboard layout, that might it be. Look at the screenshot and last 4 bindings. Those are vol up/down and channel up/down.


As you see, those are recorded as - = [ ]. Pressing same keys on the remote, produce  ß ´ + ü  in console.

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Yes, that's the keyboard layout issue. I've already described it many times :) together with solution.

Here're some references:

BTW great choice of the remote :). I also have URC-6440. Are you also using RemoteMaster from JP1 forum? Which setup core are you using with Flirc? Try to use code 2051 for TV device.

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my problem is pretty much the same so I've thought for further reference I just use the same topic

I have a Braswell mobo (Asrock N3700-ITX) built in a Hush ATX case I have recently rebuilt. I hacked in a flirc SE to the front and I will run Kodi 16.1 on Ubuntu Server although for programming my flirc SE I hooked it up to my old Windows HTPC.

Installed latest 1.4.4 GUI connected the flirc SE and forced fw update (3.8) and cleared all settings.
Picked Kodi from controllers and started to program my Panasonic TV remote. All good (at least in the flirc GUI) except TWO keys: Play & Pause

When recording it records them but when I try it out it does not seem to register it no matter what (tried ceiling)

Thanks for the help



Done some testing and the problem is definitely with the flirc SE not the remote.

Cleared everything but this time when I pressed Play on flirc/kodi I pressed Stop on my remote (which was working fine as Stop previously). For Pause on flirc/kodi I used UP arrow on the remote (was again working fine as UP on the first instance) then for Nr 1 on flirc I used Play on remote and - to confuse everyone here - for Volume Up on flirc I used Pause on the remote and voila when I pressed:
- PLAY it came up as Nr 1 on screen (OK)
- PAUSE it came up as Volume UP (OK)
- STOP it did not work so no Play on screen
- UP it did not work so no Pause on screen

That clearly shows that the Play and Pause button works on the remote but does not work on flirc SE

Any thoughts please?

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