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RP3 - Source for thermal pad? Where?


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Please help if you can.

I'm ordering a RP3 for the Flirc case that I already own and love but I don't have a thermal pad. How thick is the correct thermal pad and who sells them in the US market. My RP3 order will be from Newark Elements. Do they carry the right pad?

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Just look for thermal pads in your local computer store. I think it would be better to get even a little thicker than the one delivered with the case (as it was provided for RPi 1 which has a thicker CPU because of the RAM on top of it - RPi 2 and 3 have memory chip elsewhere so CPU is thinner). I don't exactly know what is the thickness of the pad added to the case but I think that even 2 to 2.5 mm should be OK.

BTW what happened to the thermal pad you've received with the case?

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Thanks for the reply.

I received a case and four screws but no pad. I don't need you to send one though. Now I'm running a RP2 and, to run cooler, I just put a heatsink on it and used a plastic case. I'll use the Flirc for the RP3. In my area, I doubt that anyone carries thermal pads. I sure that I can source some online but I don't know how thick they should be. I think I can figure out a way to measure the gap using some type of material with a known thickness.

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Sorry to bump that topic back up, but since it's kind of related to what I am attempting to do, I'll test the waters here and see if it's a good or a bad idea ;-)

For bridging the gap for a raspi 3 with a flirc case (for a raspi 2 when it came out), the thermal pad that came with the case seems to be a bit thin. I was about to order a bigger pad as no electronics store near home sell any, and was wondering if this product would be a better fit:

K5 PRO viscous thermal paste

Seems like a paste that transfers heat well and would be sure to bridge the gap perfectly for optimal heat transfer? As the pi3 won't be leaving the case once I'm done, I don't mind leaving it on without being able to change the boards in the case.

Anyone have any ideas as to if it would be a good/bad thing? If not, I'll probably order and try it out, and post back here with my findings with a series of tests for cpu temps.

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Where can I get new Thermal pads?  I love the Flirc Raspberry Pi case but trying to get the "paper" off the pad is irritating because I ended up tearing it.

Right now I have some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste on it and the case is assembled with a Raspberry Pi3 board, but I have not yet plugged it in. Will this be ok? or where can I get a new pad?

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