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1st time set up, "1" keeps receiving


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I just received my flirc yesterday.  I have an Origin PC with windows 10 and Kodi installed.  Going through all of the set up steps, I could not get past the key mapping.  For some reason, something keeps sending a "1" command.  The "1" on the mapping page kept going green.  I tried to save a configuration, and in the file name, it would automatically have "111111111" in the file name.  I would delete them, and they would appear, one by one.  I took my harmony remote 30 feet away, and into a kitchen drawer with pots and pans, and the "1"'s would continue.  I wanted to see if it was the harmony, and it wasn't.  I don't have any other remote in the room.  If I unplug the Flirc, it stops.  Plug it back in, and it continues.  I went started Kodi, and something was sending commands, as it selected Videos, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Settings, and Back to Videos, TV Shows ..., and would not stop.  I unplugged my Logitech keyboard, and it still kept on going.

I was able to upgrade the firmware on the Flirc from 3.6 to 3.7.

Is my Flirc defective?  Any thoughts?

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You probably have some modulated infrared light source in the room which got recorded as soon as you clicked on key "1" in the Flirc GUI and now it's causing Flirc to send "1" all the time. To stop it I would recommend clearing the configuration in the GUI. But for now don't do it. It can help figuring out the IR source. Open up some editor, notepad should be OK, but open Format menu and turn on word wrap. You should get "1" repeating all the time.

1. What type of light do you have in the room? If it's on try turning it off and check if it helps.
2. Do you have plasma tv in the room? That's well known source of IR. If yes then try turning it off.
3. Do you have any device that may contain IR light source? It may be a phone with an IR blaster or IRDA (I'm not sure if IRDA can interfere with Flirc), some game console (XBox One Kinnect for example is using modulated IR), IR wireless keyboard?
4. Can you temporarily move the PC to a different room for testing?

Even if you won't be able to trace the source or can't turn it off I think you still can use Flirc. Your problem is caused by Flirc immediately recording the stray IR signal making it impossible to record proper IR code from remote. You can try pairing your remote in a different room first and then plugging it back to your PC. It should then react properly to button presses on the remote.

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Hi Yawor, thank you for your reply.  I do have a plasma tv, but it is my display for my system.  I don't have any game consoles, I do have a motion sensor for my alarm.  I do have a wireless keyboard, and I unplugged the blue tooth usb dongle, and I still received the "1"s.  I have flood lights in the room, manual switches.  Tonight, when I get home I will move the PC into a different room, and try some of your thoughts.  I will let you know tomorrow how I made out.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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I think the plasma TV is the source of stray IR signal. You can test by turning it off. Unplug Flirc, open notepad and turn off TV. Then plug in Flirc, wait a moment and unplug it again. Then turn the TV and check if you got any "1"s in the notepad. Or just connect LCD monitor if you have one.

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Thank you, Problem resolved.  I moved the PC into another room and never had any "1"s being received.  I still could not use my remote.

So I read more in your instructions, and followed it by hooking my harmony remote, and adding the flirc device, and Bam!  Everything works great.  Moved my PC back into my great room, and no issues or problems.  Still wondering where that signal was coming from.

Thanks again.  I really appreciate you help.


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