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Harmony 525+Flirc+Kodi+Ubuntu 15.10


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Having problems with two buttons Play/Pause not working. Couldn't get flirc to work out of the box so used  the Kodi profile to map the buttons. However for some reason the Play and Pause buttons do not seem to work.The play not at all and the pause some of the time.

As you can see I'm using an old Harmony but this still works for all my other activities with no problems.

Have tried erasing and redoing the buttons but no luck.Even deleted the pause from the harmony profile in the hope that the Play button would work as both Play and Pause, but no luck.

Regards Geoff



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No go, still the same result. The pause button works sometimes the play not at all.

Have been using a Windows 10 laptop to program the buttons. I then transfer the dongle to a NUC running Ubuntu. Could this be a problem?

Tried with another remote and same result.The computer?

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Running Kodi 15.2.

Wayneg not sure what you mean ,my Harmony does not have a keyboard.

Trying to see if I can get it to work in Windows 10 using a wireless keyboard.

Tried two different keyboards, a standard wireless and a iPazzPort. Neither worked on my laptop

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Christmas came and went.

Had time to fiddle. Have found that Flirc works using the same remote in an Android box running Kodi 15.2, all programmed buttons including play and pause.

So its not the dongle.

So its either the Ubuntu OS or the NUC.

Will lirc interfere with the remote?

Have had a problem with the NUC running Airplay through Kodi.The iphone would not recognise Kodi, but run it through the Android box and it worked perfectly

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